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By blending physical and digital realms, the Internet of Things (IoT) vastly expands the reach of information technology. The myriad possibilities that arise from the ability to monitor and control things in the physical world electronically have inspired a surge of innovation and enthusiasm.

The sweeping changes that IoT can bring to how companies manage physical assets, how consumers attend to their health and fitness, and how cities operate have also inspired visions of a very different future.

Spectro Systems has been involved in the Internet of Things over the past 6 year and we have seen how rapid advances in technology and know-how have exceeded many expectations, and yet how difficult it will be to obtain the greatest benefits of IoT implementations, which require creating highly complex systems and coordinating technology, investment, and talent across both space and time.

Spectro Systems is a leading provider of devices, software and solutions for a smarter and more connected world. We hire the most innovative talent to solve the industry’s toughest problems, providing our customers with significant advantages in performance and operational efficiency.

Spectro Systems team develops end to end solutions includes certified modules, sensors, IoT platform and software applications for various market segments.

Our vision is to become an International, Leading, Progressive and Sustainable IoT Products and Technology provider focusing on futuristic technologies and innovation.

We provide our customers with End-to-End out of the box Industrial IoT solutions that make business processes effective and provide financial and non-financial advantages, for that we deploy a dynamic talented team and new business models.

Core Values
Spectro Culture
Cultures of innovation are naturally dynamic. Employees think of new ideas and try them on the fly. Processes and procedures are fluid. There often is no one right answer to a problem, but rather experimentation drives many projects, efforts, assignments, and ultimately opportunities for improvement.

  • Quality
  • Spectro Systems ‘employees always strive to produce excellent work that pushes the company upward. They embrace their responsibilities, enjoy the process of solving problems, and provide effective solutions and added value to customers.
  • Creativity
  • Spectro employees are fountains of new ideas, fuelling better products, services, and processes. The company pools a diverse set of perspectives and experience by assembling cross-functional teams to collaborate on projects. The company often holds brainstorming sessions around new themes and goals. Employees don’t take themselves too seriously, and use their imaginations to drive innovation.
  • Speed
  • We are at the edge of the technology. We are prompt to market and industry changes. We are extremely fast in execution. We understand what our clients want and quickly develop products & services to meet those needs. We are quick to respond when challenges arise and do everything in our power to overcome them.
  • Individuality
  • The company deeply respects the knowledge, skills, ideas, and capabilities that each employee brings to the team. Team leaders discover each employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and play to their strong points while helping support their weaker ones. Employees own their jobs so they can hone their expertise, become subject-matter experts, take their contributions to the next level, and better support the organization, while also realizing the value of teamwork.
  • Trust
  • The work environment is open, honest, collaborative, and family oriented. Employees feel comfortable and confident in sticking their necks out, and trust their ideas will be well received. They know they can rely on their colleagues to firmly support them in team projects by completing their work on time, on budget, and with high quality. Employees do not undermine one another, nor do they try to take credit for others’ ideas and work.
  • Drive for Result
  • Spectro employees share the company’s vision and passion, and propel it forward with confidence. They are less concerned about getting credit for their ideas and accomplishments, and are instead focused on guiding the team to the company’s goals.
  • Measurement
  • Employees track and measure the company’s innovation activities, evaluate results, and determine what is working and what isn’t. They incorporate lessons into the next phase of a project and into new projects. Employees think critically to continually improve their innovation strategies by using data and analysis, sharing findings with colleagues, and openly communicating about results.

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