Spectro IoT Platform

Spectro IoT services implements a technology that ensures a two-way communication between applications and devices. It is possible to group network entities into clusters to perform analysis and data aggregation. Heterogeneous architectures and protocols can be mixed allowing the choice of best-in-class devices independently from the protocol and hardware used. The platform includes all those features and tools that qualify Spectro IoT as an innovative IoT Platform with extensive horizontal capabilities in terms of solution support also providing APIs and other tools to facilitate development of IoT verticals and applications on top of the platform.

The key aspects of Spectro IoT are the ability of:

1. Crosscut and merge different data and application domains. It is able to acquire data from multiple networks and multiple IoT technologies. It exposes these heterogeneous data sets and remote IoT functionalities through a single standard interface, decoupling application development from the specific IoT technology. Applications can elaborate different datasets through one single set of APIs, simplifying data access and analysis.

2. Uniform different address spaces to IP and IPv6. Spectro IoT represent the gateway to reach legacy IoT devices through the Internet.

3. Converged assets and users’ identity management. On one side data publishers, actuators and IoT resources. On the other side users and data consumers. The platform is to link them in a controlled way and implementing a clear data and resource access policy.

4. Cloud-ready, scalable and based on open standard.

5. Filtering high volume data streams and transforming it with tagging, augmentation and aggregation, this feature enable contextualization of data, augmenting payload data with meta-data, generated by the assets themselves, or by aggregating data from other sources.

6. Enforcing data ownership and regulating data access through pre-defined policies. Being able to tag data with ownership information enables not only “ownership tracking” in terms of how the data is used but reinforces the ability of customers to view what data is held and how it is used, and providing opportunities for customers to determine their levels of consent for the data stored in Spectro IoT.

7. Spectro IoT is a connectivity platform, a protocol broker and a rich set of IoT services bundled together into a structured, elastically scalable, distributed cloud-ready SDP.

The Platform framework provides:

 control over the structure of applications, the ability to dynamically manage components lifecycle.

 develop loosely coupled modularized applications. Modularity and component lifecycle management are the basis for Spectro IoT flexibility.

 Rule Engine to develop and deploy at run-time scripts and rules to process incoming data and events and to react to particular scenarios. This feature adds flexibility to the platform.

 High availability is ensured by horizontally scale the system across several servers and virtual machines to serve increasingly higher numbers of requests and incoming data.

 Easy integration of IoT Area Network technologies and protocols. New IoT protocols can be integrated through IoT Gateway Smart Plug-Ins, java modules that normalize the IoT protocol and interconnect it with platform backend components.

 Ensures flexibility to integration processes of third party systems or legacy M2M verticals, as it is able to publish data and events through several standard interfaces such as REST, JMS, MQTT, AMQP, and SNMP.

 Flexible storage that provides an extendable data model that customers can create own properties and tailor storage interface to any specific needs, this is particularly important in asset management.

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