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Spectro Systems is a leading provider of IoT devices, software, and solutions for a smarter and more connected world. We hire the most innovative talents to solve the industry’s toughest problems, providing our customers with significant advantages in performance and operational efficiency. Spectro Systems team develops end to end solutions includes certified modules, sensors, IoT platform, and software applications for various market segments.

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Production Engineer
Job Level: Senior


  • Develop, and maintain current outsourcing process of product manufacturing.
  • Constantly evaluate manufacturing partners and seek new ones.
  • Regularly update manufacturing cost of active products.
  • Track key components’ cost and availability, and notify design team of upcoming shortage or significant price changes.
  • Develop and implement all standard operating procedures, timelines and schedules for the company’s production
  • Compare offers and negotiate prices with manufacturing partners.
  • Stay informed of all aspects of production, including new regulations and possible new technologies and best practices.
  • Make sure our products meet the required standards and quality of targeted markets.
  • Apply for and follow-up any certification required for the product.
  • Review product manufacturability as a final step in product design approval.
  • Facilitate production of product prototypes for the design team.
  • Logistics support for products and engineering prototypes.

Required qualifications, previous experience and skills:

  • 3 – 5 years of experience with background in (electronics, sensors, gateways, communication) etc.
  • A university degree in Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, or Management.
  • Good experience with the manufacturing in China in particular.
  • Supply chain management experience.
  • Electronics production management experience.
  • Contract management experience.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work autonomously.
  • High-level verbal and written communication skills.
  • Planning skills.