Zain South Sudan

Zain South Sudan, is the country’s leading telecommunications operator and the most recent addition to Zain’s international footprint. Zain South Sudan is supported by over 300 2G, 3G, & 4G Voice and Data enabled network sites, Providing high-quality voice and faster internet access across many parts of the country.

The Challenge

Operating mobile network with large percentage of generators powered sites always creates operational challenges that greatly affected profitability as well as their network availability and KPIs.
Challenges came under 2 main areas:
Network Operation:
  • Sudden site drop due to power shutdown
  • Extensive & additional site visits for recovery refill and maintenance
Fuel Management
  • Fuel theft from unmanned outpost sites
  • Lack of visibility on actual refill activities vs actual refill bills

The Solution

Zain South Sudan partnered with Spectro Systems to deploy its end to end, state of the art, IoT based real time tank monitoring solution; SpectroTANK; to address these challenges. The solution consists of accurate ultrasonic sensors and advance analytical IoT Platform solution enabling Zain South Sudan team to have full visibility and control over their widely spread network sites.

Zain S. Sudan Feedback On Solution Benefits

According to Mr. Khalid Abdalla (Zain South COO) currently the system is offering Zain South complete visibility and advanced analytical reports that allows our operation team to have full control on refueling activities and refilling bills accuracy. The system also alerts concerned team members whenever there is a an incident of fuel level drop due to theft or leakage. Using SpectroTANK solution resulted in better network management and cost optimization “We got full control on our site fuel activities. Analytics provided us with better visibility and planning that enhanced our operation profitability ” Mr. Khalid says.