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The Era of smart IoT Solutions starts now

In a fast-paced competitive world, data acquisition, analysis, communication, and display are more critical to business than ever before.

Spectro Smart Internet of Things solutions utilizes latest technology advancements to propel business development and migration to the connected world through intelligent communication between machines and devices. Our state-of-the-art, comprehensive and end-to-end IoT solutions are your gateway to the IoT world of business transformation and operational excellence.


A comprehensive End-to-End IoT solution for monitoring temperature and humidity in stationary and mobile facilities with dedicated modules for monitoring door status, asset’s location, compressor health and service automation.


A comprehensive End-to-End IoT solution for monitoring diesel fuel levels within multiple generators tanks. The solution provides 24×7 real time data access and advanced analytics including consumption patterns and refill activities.


An industrial grade, End-to-End IoT solution for monitoring heavy machines and vehicles operation conditions. It simplifies tracking and performance monitoring of heavy machines and gives detailed location, operation hours and utilization data that is critical to both heavy machine owners and machine renting companies.


A dedicated IoT solution enabling full real time visibility on the distribution transformers’ operation conditions and efficiency, helping electricity distribution companies to optimally use their transformers, keep the asset in operation for a longer period and predict their maintenance related activities


An innovative IoT solution that uses acoustic sensors for the RPW detection at a very early stage of the weevil’s lifecycle and even before any signs are visible to human eyes. At that early stage, infection treatment is feasible and large-scale infestations can be avoided.

Spectro End-to-End IoT offering

Capturing the essence of IoT while eliminating undesired complexity.
In Spectro, we understand how the time to market is critical for reaping the true benefits of IoT implementations. We are also aware of how complex implementing the IoT value chain might be when trying to integrate various components form different providers especially in large deployments. Hence, we focused on end-to-end IoT offering that will make our customers’ digitalization journey accessible, quick and cost-effective.

Our IoT solutions provide seamlessly integrated bundles of technologies, including sensor nodes, communication gateways, software platform, information analytics and front-end applications to solve common problems and/or create new organizational value.

Smart Senesor Nodes

Seamless Connectivity

Data Processing Platform

Analytical Ready Dashboard

All in one IoT Services

Complementing our IoT offering with the professional services needed by our customers.

Our Global Presence

In Spectro systems, we thrive to have strong on ground presence in variant geographical regions through our widely spread partners’ network and availing our technologies to customers all our around the globe.

Our Channel Partners Ecosystem

Spectro Systems Channel Partners Ecosystem is an integral element in our technology offering value and strength. Our partners’ covert he last mile of solution on ground implementation and support, hence; we are always closer to our customers ensuring that they adopt IoT innovations and best utilize our technology

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