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Early Detection of The Red Palm Weevil Made Feasible

Why SpectroPALM

The Red Palm Weevil (RPW) is a well know pest infesting more than 40 species of Palm trees across the globe. RPW is considered the biggest contributor to palms’ trees loss worldwide given the fact that infection is very challenging to detect since 80% of the weevil life cycle is almost invisible and by the time infection is detected, treatment might not be effective.

SpectroPALM is an innovative IoT solution that uses acoustic sensors for the RPW detection at a very early stage of the weevil’s  lifecycle and even before any signs are visible to human eyes. At that early stage, infection treatment is feasible and large-scale infestations can be avoided.

How SpectroPALM work

SpectroPALM sensors are easily installed in the palm trees and communicates wirelessly with Spectro main gateway. The gateway is responsible for communicating Palm trees’ key data with Spectro IoT platform where it is being processed and analyzed to generate key metrics and analytics.

SpectroPALM Dashboards & Analytics

Powered by an advanced platform with an abundance of smart features and analytics, SpectroPALM offers a unique customer experience that simplifies the monitoring of palm trees in large plantations

Infection Detection Alarms

Infection Rate And Duration Analytics

Easy Zone/Cluster Management

Historical Data And Reports

User Profiling And
Management Tools

Palm Tree Status (Warning / Infected / Under Treatment)

Management Tools

Email And SMS

SpectroPALM Benefits and Features

Providing our customers with a professional IoT experience ensuring a powerful impact on their business with tangible ROI

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