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Efficiency in Distribution Transformers’ Management

Why SpectroPOWER

Transformers are the most critical assets of electrical distribution system and their failure could cause power outages, personal and environmental hazards, and high repair or maintenance cost. Transformer failures can occur due to various reasons e.g. overloading, dielectric breakdown, electrical disturbances, inadequate maintenance etc.

Monitoring of transformers is the process of data acquisition and processing of various parameters to predict the failures.

SpectroPower is a dedicated IoT solution that enables in real time full visibility on the distribution transformers’ operation conditions and efficiency, helping electricity distribution companies to optimally use their transformers, increase product lifetime keep the asset in operation for a longer period and predict their maintenance related activities in order to so that they can identify problems before any catastrophic failure which will ultimately can result in a significant cost saving

How SpectroPOWER Works

SpectroPower solution is based on measuring key transformers’ parameters like phases’ voltage and current and oil temperature and communicating these metrics to Spectro IoT platform via our Spectro Gateway to be processed and analyzed for analytics and monitoring purposes.

SpectroPOWER Hardware Devices

SpectroPOWER uses a high quality meters to measure the needed reading with the following features:

SpectroPOWER meter is a well-tested, quality assured and is certified with a wide support to key standards:

SpectroPower connectivity can be any of the GSM 3G/4G/NBioT technologies for the connectivity layer. Alternatively, the solution has the ability to use another low power wide area network (LoRa).

SpectroPOWER Dashboards & Analytics

Powered by an advanced IoT platform with an abundance of smart features and analytics, SpectroPOWER offers a unique customer experience that simplifies the monitoring and management of power transformers. The solution has tremendous features and capabilities that includes but not limited to:

SpectroPOWER Benefits and Features

Providing our customers with a professional IoT experience ensuring a powerful impact on their business with tangible ROI

SpectroPOWER Use Cases

Electricity Distribution Companies
Distribution Transformers Manufacturers
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Constructions Companies
Electricity Distribution Companies
Distribution Transformers Manufacturers
Distribution Transformers Manufacturers

SpectroPOWER Use Cases

SpectroPOWER is an essential monitoring tool for

Electricity Distribution Companies
Distribution Transformers Manufactrers
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