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Efficient Management Methods for
Materials’ Level.

Why SpectroTANK

Material level monitoring is one of the key management operations in various industries and markets. The operational cost and business efficiency challenges resulting in lack of material levels visibility are considered a key business differentiator between efficient and non- efficient operations. Whether it is fuel, water, medicine or industrial raw material; theft, slippage or misappropriation is a very common problem for many companies in different industries. Measuring material levels in tanks and keeping an eye on the consumption is another challenge faced by many.

SpectroTANK is a rather simple yet powerful end to end solution for monitoring material levels and surrounding temperature within tanks. The power of solution analytics provides customers with  additional business insights that guarantees maximizing solution benefits in relation to operation excellence, logistics management and cost optimization.

How SpectroTANK Works

A seamless design and simple solution architecture fitting various implementations and deployments. The solution supports multiple setup compatibility that fits installation and analysis to different tank shapes and types.

The battery powered device is capable of collecting and sending date on various communication network types. SpectroTANK solutions provides multiple HW sensor types that vary according to material measured; solid, liquid or gas, as well as communication network used; 2G/3G/4G NBIoT/ LoRa

Material Level Sensors

SpectroTANK offers an extensive range of innovative level measurement controls addressing the needs of telemetry applications for variant range of industries.

Measurement types:

Communication methods:

SpectroTANK Dashboards and Analytics

Powered by an advanced platform with an abundance of smart features and analytics, SpectroTANK offers an eye-opening experience on assets’ monitoring

1• High-level executive dashboard

• Multi-hierarchy views

• Key information data cards

2• Tanks' location

• Per zone distribution.

• Tanks’ status indicator.

3• Detailed readings and measurements

• Charts and trends

• Multiple alarms types

4• Refill and consumption activities

• Historical data

• Multiple usage and functional reports

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SpectroTANK Benefits and Features

SpectroTANK has proven to be a powerful solution improving businesses and securing tangible ROIs. No matter your industry is, the solution provides valuable insights and advanced analytics that enables different management teams to take the right decision in the right time; avoiding operation shut down, hazardous incidents, extensive material losses due to theft or leakage.

SpectroTANK Use Cases

SpectroTANK empowers customers in various industry segments to better monitor and control the consumption of their valuable materials and enhance their core business.
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Frozen food
Mobile Network Operators
Tower Management Companies
Fresh Food Suppliers
Gasoline & Diesel Stations
Hyper & Super Market Chains
Petrocheicals Manufacturers
Restaurants and Cafes
Water Management Corporates
Oil & Gas Corporates Depots
Oil & Gas Corporates Depots
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