Raya & Spectro Partnership Announcement


Oct 4th, 2021

Raya Information Technology and Spectro Systems are proud to announce signing their partnership agreement. Together both companies will work to better serve their customers through a unique offering of smart and exclusive Internet of Things solutions allowing for true business transformation with tangible ROI to their customers.

Spectro Systems is a leading international IoT technology provider established in Dubai, UAE with solid IoT experience for more than 7 years. They have built their various value propositions around offering out of the box, ready to go and quality assured IoT solutions that include all the building blocks from smart devices up to the cloud platform and user applications, making customers’ digitalization journey accessible, quick, and cost-effective.  Spectro team understands how the time to market is critical for reaping the true benefits of IoT implementations. They are also aware of how complex implementing the IoT value chain might be when trying to integrate various components form different providers. Hence, their prime focus was on end-to-end IoT offering that can truly capture the essence of IoT leaving out the undesired complexity.

Spectro’s state-of-the-art solutions are use case driven. Analyzing vertical needs and challenges allowed the design and production of comprehensive end-to-end IoT solutions designed for optimum functionality and business supporting analytics. Their solutions tackle both widely spread and unique industry challenges from cold supply chain monitoring to Red Palm Weevil detection. Their IoT solutions provide seamlessly integrated bundles of technologies, including sensor nodes, communication gateways, software platform, information analytics and front-end applications to solve common problems and/or create new organizational value.

Spectro systems current offering include the below solutions

Raya Information Technology is a leading system integrator established in 1998 with a vision to lead the information technology market depending on its dynamic portfolio. With a regional presence across MEA region through 4 regional offices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gulf and East Africa. Raya’s market coverage is extended to the financial services (FSI), Telecommunications, Public, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, Commercial and Retail. Raya’s extensive expertise in the field of system integration and technology consultancy uniquely positions it as the Digital Transformation enabler bridging the gap between legacy and future technologies. Raya’s offering ranges from ATM and Self Service solutions, Data Center Site preparations, Low Current, Enterprise Network Infrastructure, Telecom solutions. Moreover, Voice and Multimedia, Internet of Things “IOT”, Smart Cities, Security, Enterprise Management, Oracle Apps and Tech Solutions, and Microsoft Solutions.

Together, Spectro Systems and RAYA Information Technology have entered into a strategic partnership capitalizing on both companies’ exceptional and distinctive capabilities to serve the technology market in Egypt. Their main goal is offering End-to-End IoT solutions that assists various business applications to overcome industry related challenges, reap IoT benefits and set foot in the new era of digital transformation and automation. This partnership aims to build a profitable relationship between both parties and to provide successful long-term joint initiatives in the future.

Both companies have agreed on considering the ethical standards everywhere they go and to serve and assist their communities.