IoT in Logistics & Cold Supply Chain

Time is of the essence when it comes to cold chain management and supply chain, from fresh fruits, vegetables and perishable foodstu­ff, to vaccines and medications in Pharma manufacturing and distribution. Worldwide regulations dictate that providers stay on top of temperature, humidity, impact, location and more, and the results could be catastrophic if gaps in the supply chain go unnoticed.

The challenges faced by logistics and cold supply chain industries are numerous. It includes temperature mismanagement, connectivity, assets visibility across the complete chain from production, storage and distribution to retails and consumers, complying with regional health and safety laws, theft prevention, assets recovery, and a need to reduce operational costs and products loss.

Deploying IoT solutions has proven beneficial in solving many of the industry challenges. IoT solutions also improves the business performance in terms of safety and distribution, guaranteeing food freshness and quality in the food & beverage industry and medications safety.

Spectro Systems understands the challenges faced by various industries that is concerned with temperature and humidity monitoring. SpectroCOLD is a comprehensive E2E IoT solution especially designed to close all the gaps in the cold supply chain for temperature and humidity sensitive products. The solution goes beyond temperature monitoring to door status monitoring, asset tracking and fridges compressor health checks to ensure answering to all of the concerns met by customers.

The reports provided by SpectroCOLD enhances the operational efficiencies and provides means of monitoring performance, tracking incompliance and comparison between different assets and hierarchal distributions. As our solution is certified by different institutions it guarantees the regulatory compliance for health and safety measures and best in-class technology and experience.

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