How IoT is Making Heavy Equipment More Efficient

Heavy equipment represents a large list of heavy vehicles, engineering equipment, and bulky industrial machinery. Things or characteristics that one would expect from heavy equipment are oversized dimensions, long life expectancy, and improved equipment performance, as these machines are a fundamental part of the workflow process in many industries. Safety and efficiency are the key concerns for companies that extensively use such equipment.

Heavy equipment is mainly used extensively in industries such as construction, oil and gas, mining, forestry, energy, civil engineering, military engineering, transportation, and many others. Industrial heavy machines include construction equipment, wheel loaders, oilfield pieces, manufacturing equipment, earthmovers, hydraulic cranes, bulldozers, oversized trucks, excavators, and more. Organizations rely on heavy machinery to speed up production and to avoid human errors or health risks.

With developments in IoT, it is possible to decrease equipment downtime while improving the efficiency of the output. Companies that supply industrial machinery and components are seeing strong interest in connected machinery and components with IoT integration.

IoT-powered asset management solutions offer a host of benefits, including predictive maintenance to prevent

  • Equipment failure
  • Increased asset reliability
  • Improved asset health
  • Accident avoidance in the workplace
  • Downtime reduction.

Smart Asset Monitoring with IoT

Safety of assets, Improper Maintenance, overrunning machines and ignoring warning signals are some of the common challenges that are prevalent in asset-intensive industries like manufacturing, utilities, construction.

By improving visibility into day-to-day operations, replacing legacy systems with an integrated solution and automating manual processes, many of these challenges can be overcome.

Digitalization, combining connected devices with IoT-based solutions, can help to overcome these issues. End-to-end clarity on the status of the equipment enables improved decision-making, increases asset reliability, and also improves the people and process efficiency. With the advances in technology, mature organizations have heavy machinery that is computerized, automated and enabled with connectivity and big data analytics, which increases the efficiency of the overall product development process.

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